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Each bird knows it’s own song and is called to sing day after day. What if you could wake up every morning with that song in your heart? 
Find your soul's song with Call of Self,  Inner Landscape Design & Coaching

Do you want to?

• Create more purpose and meaning in your life
• Deepen your connection with others
• Respond skillfully to daily challenges
• Change persistent patterns and habits
• Be more self-aware
• Be less reactive
• Share your unique gifts every day

Mira Nussbaum, of Call of Self, is a Transition Coach who focuses on bringing beauty and meaning to daily life, physical space, and life changes. Mira offers in-person sessions at her office, Tree Song Sanctuary, sessions in your home or office to design functional & sacred space, and a workbook or silk tapestry in conjunction with her coaching sessions to help you uncover and map out your deepest purpose in life.  Call of Self  gives room and voice for your unique story, as you learn to sing your own sacred soul's song. 

Mira's Approach: I believe that everyone has their own unique understanding & actualization of spirituality.  I am passionate about helping each person to uncover his or her relationship to spirit and practice.  I believe that if these practices are used as a guiding framework, they can provide the foundation for a grounded and meaningful life. Each of us has a unique soul and, through a spiritual practice, can uncover our soul’s fullest potential or Soul's Song and live a life that is imbued with the song of grace.     



In person guided sessions, Sessions translated into silk, Sessions for your home or office, Sessions for groups

find your soul's song: in person Guided Sessions

These 1-on-1 coaching sessions are customized to t your vision and needs. Using the framework of Psychosynthesis, they guide you through a process of self-discovery, where you develop daily practices that transform old patterns and habits into freedom and growth. Get hands on with a workbook or workshop  

Want to experience your sessions in a space which is nurturing and inspiring? Weekly and monthly sessions are scheduled at Tree Song Sanctuary, a magical example of what it looks like when a tree and a human sing together a song of hope for a regenerative future.  


Silk Stories: sessions on silk  

Capture your dreams and visions in a customized work of art. For over 16 years Mira has been painting people’s sacred stories on silk. Have your Call of Self story translated into a beautiful representation of your life’s journey and purpose.

These Silk Stories, which can be used as wall hangings, altar cloths, or scarves, serve as a reminder of who we are and our rich and brilliant lives. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Spirit partners tapestry (Marriage)
  • Solar System (core values, spiritual practice)
  • Snowflake (giving birth, raising children) 
  • Soul’s rose (inner landscape)
  • Mandala (new job, personal mission)
  • Astrological Sign (honoring life and death)
  • Love Birds (5 languages of love)
  • Circle of Life (goal setting)
  • Personalized Egg (self awareness)

And more..... 


Sacred Spaces: Sessions for your home

Sacred Spaces is a coaching service that will not only optimize your relationships to your home or office, it will bring the sacred into your everyday experience.  With room by room consultations, creating indoor gardens, deep cleaning and organizing, and homework between sessions, you will have the place you always dreamed of to come home to!   Through visioning and designing we bring out the sacredness and functionality in every space.

Sprouted violet: sessions around the table

For groups and workshops already connected to sacred or spiritual practice I provide food so you can continue to experience that depth while you gather around the table.  Sprouted Violet is a catering service with a mission of feeding your body and soul with gifts of the earth.

I see cooking food as an art, taking time to experience prayer, ceremony, beauty, nourishment, and optimal health. I cook so I can feed our spirits with blessing and abundance.  Singing while I cook, I specialize in small or large groups, events, workshops, gatherings and celebrations focused around a purpose or theme.  I prepare meals with deep love and soul while focusing on local and organic ingredients and often adding wild harvested food for new flavors and perspective.     

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To help introspective individuals cultivate concrete daily practices that support their Call of Self

With a daily practice you can build on insights and sustain them within the rush of everyday life. Mira Nussbaum of Call of Self  helps you develop personalized strategies to remember the lessons you have learned and apply them as difficult circumstances reappear.  Call of Self helps you develop a set of tools, or Soul Song, through which you can share your own unique gifts for communion with self, other, and the divine. This set of tools acts like a “nest” or safe haven that stays with you wherever you go.