Tree song office & sanctuary

Tree Song Sanctuary: A nurturing & inspiring example of what it looks like when a tree & a human sing together a song of hope for a regenerative future. Come join me here as we sit by the window sipping tea and give your soul a comfortable place to sing.

I call my office Tree Song, a custom designed Tiny House Sanctuary located at Woolman Hill Retreat Center, surrounded by the wild forests of Deerfield. Tree Song was inspired by three years of visioning and design for a better way of life.  I built this space so that I could take a step towards living my own beliefs and values in my day to day choices.  Tree Song was built from locally harvested and produced material sourced from local businesses who care about their ecological impact.

I built this space as a sanctuary and a sacred place, with the knowledge that dreams can come true.  Tree Song has its own song, which I sing when I enter and leave; it has its own story and purpose which continues to grow and change.